The Liffey Swim, Jack B. Yeats (1923)

The Liffey Swim, Jack B. Yeats (1923)

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The National, Abel

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The The, This is the Day

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Harry Kernoff - Sunny Day, Dublin

Harry Kernoff - Sunny Day, Dublin

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Brooklyn Baby - Lana Del Rey

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Jenny Lewis, Just One of the Guys

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School Days Over - Luke Kelly

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Its owner must have been away for years:
Vowels half-sounds and syllables
from somewhere else had nearly smoothed out
a way of speaking you could tell a region by,

much less an origin. I reached the gate, boarded,
closed my eyes and rose high over
towns, farms, fields—all of them at that very moment
moulding the speech of whoever lived there:

An accent overwritten by a voice. A voice
by a place.

(p. 42) 

Against Love Poetry by Eavan Boland

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You’ve Done It Again, Virginia - The National

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